5 Mobile Games I Accidentally Got Addicted To

As you may know from my previous blog post “Making A Move”, I just spent the last few weeks putting my life on hold to move to a new house. During the move, while my PC and consoles were packed away, not being able to play games was like torture. I had never been much of a mobile game fan, only dabbling occasionally when I had nothing better to do, but this time I was desperate. So I loaded up Google Play, downloaded a handful of games – and a whole new world opened up to me!

Some people would say that mobile games don’t count as “real games,” but screw that – these things kept me sane when I had nothing else to play, and that makes them about as real as they can get.

So here’s a list of mobile games that I can’t stop playing even after the move, and why you should play them too!

KleptoCats (Android / iOS) – I entirely blame LaurenZSide for getting me into this game. While editing her Addicting Apps video I was introduced to KleptoDogs, a game about – you guessed it – dogs stealing things. I stumbled upon its sister game KleptoCats and now I cannot. Stop. Playing. This game reminds me a lot of Neko Atsume, a game that I used to play while it was still Japanese-language only – but dare I say, it’s even cuter. As you play you can collect more and more cats which bring you more and more things! Like cats? Awesome. Like random stuff? Perfect! This game is for you. Not to mention it has tons of adorable mini games that help pass the time while you’re waiting for your furry friends to come back from their adventures.

PEACH BLOOD (Android / iOS) – This game is literally just about eating people. Well okay, not PEOPLE people. You’re a strange oblong creature with little legs and a BIG mouth, and the entire goal of the game is to run around devouring smaller creatures to grow larger, while avoiding being eaten by the bigger guys. What’s the prize? Who knows! It’s an endless adventure! Think games like agario, but add pink blood spots and tiny little feets. Very addicting but also VERY frustrating when you get chomped out of nowhere and lose all your progress!

Coin Dozer: Casino (Android / iOS) – When Markiplier introduced me to Coin Dozer at a Dave & Busters in 2015 and told me he was obsessed with it I laughed it off. WELL I’M NOT LAUGHING NOW. (Sorry Mark, I never should have doubted you.) This game is incredibly addicting and I have no idea why. Purses, dice, coin showers, mystery boxes, puzzles, prizes, treasures, mini games.. I have no idea what’s going on most of the time but all I know is that I NEED MORE COINS. I have yet to play a real coin dozer game but if it’s anything like this mobile version then sign me UP.


Ninja Girls: Reborn / Girls X Battle (Android / iOS– Summon badass ladies, level them up, fight some bad guys, and follow in your father’s footsteps as the greatest Ninja Girl wielder the world has ever seen! (The storyline is still a little fuzzy to me but it really doesn’t matter because I CANNOT put this game down.)


This game is quintessentially Japanese, meaning it has a TON of features and the girls have, well… some sizable assets (ahem). The main page can seem a bit daunting at first, but take a deep breath and explore! From battling other players, to decorating public spaces a la The Sims, to dating and even marrying your Ninja Girls, this game has a little bit of everything. Plus with tons of events constantly being added, there’s always something new.

Man I love it when my doctor heals me with the power of her ass.

I’ve never been a huge fan of JRPG combat systems, but for some reason this game really appeals to me. When I’m in the mood to relax but also kick butt, the Ninja Girls have my back.

The Sims Mobile (Android / iOS– If you haven’t played this game yet then really, what have you been doing all this time? I’ve been in love with the Sims franchise since a friend of mine first introduced me to The Sims 1. What I love about The Sims Mobile is that it’s basically a bite size version of the Sims. Don’t feel like sitting down and playing a full fledged Sims game? No worries! Give your sims tasks to work or socialize without having to worry about controlling every moment of their lives. Leave them for hours and they’ll still get stuff done – something you probably shouldn’t try in a full Sims game unless you want to come back to your house on fire.

My sim dancing alone with zero friends in sight… I feel you girl.

Although it is missing some key elements of what makes the Sims games so great (unfortunately you can’t date the Grim Reaper in this one), this game is still my go-to when I’m in the mood for simming on a smaller scale.

Honorable Mentions

Klept2Cats or KleptoCats 2 (Android / iOS– As you might expect, this game is the sequel to KleptoCats and definitely worth noting! Klept2Cats features more of a storyline than its predecessor, with mysterious puzzle pieces and a full house to explore almost right away. The game borrows a lot from KleptoCats and has a ton of great new features like the ability to send out multiple cats at once and only having to tend to their needs when they ask. It also features some cute new animations for the cats themselves!

What’s Bad: It’s a lot harder to collect new cats because the gems that you need to unlock a new cat a) cost more coins and b) you need more of them. Everything in the game is just generally more expensive (100 coins in KleptoCats to bring the cat home early vs. 300 coins in KleptoCats 2), and the watch ad for coins feature doesn’t appear as often as it did in KleptoCats. Additionally the minigames you can play to collect some extra coins and pass the time are much fewer and sadly just aren’t as fun. But if you’re looking for a bit of an extra challenge and a more fleshed out game than the original KleptoCats, I would absolutely recommend this game!

Chichens (Android / iOS– Have you ever wanted to own your own chicken garden? Well look no further! In this game you collect adorable chicken-like creatures and level up to unlock more and more! (I say chicken-like because… well just look at the screenshot.) Feed your chichens so they grow big and strong and race other chichens to win fun hats! Tap on your chichens to collect energy to create eggs and get MORE chichens! Collect ALL OF THE CHICHENS!

What’s Bad: I so so wanted to add this game to the main list, but unfortunately there are a few bugs and features that are just unforgivable. For starters, the feather currency in this game is INSANE. There is a coin currency which is easy enough to get – simply tap your chichens or complete random events and daily rewards. But if you want to get anywhere in this game, you have to collect feathers. Feathers are obtained by either paying real life money, or by trading 600 coins for one feather. Unlocking new areas and egg slots requires roughly 30 feathers. THIRTY. That’s 18,000 coins!! PER UNLOCK. For the amount of tapping required to get even 600 coins for one feather, it’s just not worth it.

There are also some bugs when it comes to selling chichens – sometimes it will sell the wrong chichen, or change all of your chichens to different ones. This can be incredibly infuriating when you’ve worked hard to grow a chichen and it randomly gets sold off or changes completely! Looking at the Google Play page for this game, others have complained of the same bugs for almost a year, and the game hasn’t been updated since December, so it looks like this won’t be a problem that’s fixed any time soon.

If you can look past all that, this is an incredibly cute game and a very fun time waster! Just don’t go into it expecting to get very far unless you want to develop carpal tunnel syndrome from tapping all day or if you’re willing to dish out real life money for some digital chickens.

And that’s all!

Hopefully one or more of these games have caught your eye and we can become addicted together!! Since the move I’ve expanded my mobile game collection to add even MORE games that I can’t stop playing, but I’ll save those for another time. (If I’m going to make a list I’m really going to have to narrow them down…)

Thanks for reading, and happy gaming!

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